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Added: 10th Nov
What is Making Tax Digital? Harts Accountants

What is Making Tax Digital?

Making Tax Digital is the government's new system for making tax returns and represents the biggest change in a generation in how we manage our tax affairs. In our new series of videos about MTD, we look at the different aspects of what this means to businesses and what will…


Added: 5th Sep
Change is coming - embrace it

Change is Happening – Embrace it!

I think we can all agree that we are currently going through a significant period of change in the world. In no particular order, we have inflation at a zillion per cent, interest rates to match, a new prime minister, and I feel like I’m subsidising a nuclear power station…


Added: 12th Aug
Giving Kissers or telling whoppers

Telling whoppers or giving smackers?

Well, would you believe it? Even the National press is coming on board with my belief that accountants are definitely not boring. Those of you who read these articles on a regular basis will know that I’m on a mission to prove that we bean counters are actually quite out…


Added: 18th Jul
Do roundabouts drive you around the bend

Do Roundabouts Drive You Round the Bend?

I have the pleasure of driving down the A34 every morning to work, which many of you will know, is full of roundabouts. It never ceases to amaze me how drivers seem to lose all sense of reality when it comes to trying to navigate these. Have they stopped teaching…


Added: 1st Jun
Accountants are not boring - Harts Accountants

Accountants are not boring…..Really!

I’m on a mission! I’ve not been on it for very long, only the last few months. And it’s all the fault of that esteemed title, The Times. They ran an article recently that tried to show that female, bird watching, tax specialists are the most bored people at work.…


Added: 1st Apr
Harts Tax Rates 2022-23

Tax Card 2022-23

Following the recent Spring Budget announcements, the NEW Tax card for 2022-23 is now available to view and download. The Tax Card covers: Income Tax - rates and bands, Savings Income, Dividend IncomeIncome Tax Reliefs - allowances for a personal, married and blind personIndividual Savings AccountsDevolved Income Tax - for…