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Do you remember why you started your own business? Perhaps you wanted some freedom and independence, or to feel more in control? Well the reality is often quite different and the stresses of everyday management can cloud our goals. However a strategic plan can help you regain your vision and enable you to take control of your business.

Why having a business strategy is vital

At Harts, we can help our clients clarify their personal objectives and balance these with their business goals. What makes you happy? When do you want to retire? These are the sort of questions that should form the basis of your business strategy. With a clear, measurable strategic plan, you can clarify your vision and put in place the actions needed to achieve your goals.

How Harts can help

Harts are able to offer you a half day planning session, facilitating the process and documenting the outcomes in a bespoke report with ongoing monthly reviews to give you support and accountability. Steven Glicher will guide you through every aspect of the strategic planning day to facilitate and document the outcomes in detail and answer any questions you may have as your personal advisor for the session.

We worked with Steven and the team at Harts to define the strategic plan for our business. We found the session incredibly useful, shining a light on motivations, strengths and weaknesses, to formulate a real roadmap for the business with fixed objectives that are measurable. By having the strategic plan with a series of KPI’s and dates allocated to various actions it has helped us keep the business on track and give us a much better vision to see if we are still where we need to be.

I would highly recommend this session for anyone who is running their own business, even if you think you already know it all, it’s really insightful and helpful having a well informed but unbiased 3rd party work through the detail with you.

Lee Ashton Managing Director at BuglerSmith

Steven Glicher

Steven has a wealth of experience in accountancy and tax, advising both businesses and individuals. Having worked for international and independent practices Steven started his own firm, Steven Glicher & Co, in 1991, which merged with Harts in 2018. His personal approach will support you through the strategic planning day to help you refocus the vision for your business.

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To book a session call Harts on 01625 669669 or email us at info@harts-ltd.com

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