What our Clients Say

At Harts we really value the relationships we have with our clients. Here is some of the feedback they have kindly shared.

Paul Jezzard

“The HARTS audit practice led by Rebekah Wilson have been nothing short of exceptional from preparation through to execution. The team were incredibly diligent throughout the audit keeping the leadership team abreast of progress. The team were onsite for a good proportion of the audit which proved incredibly valuable with the team being on hand to sustain momentum. Social distancing measures were put in place as a precaution. The audit was completed on time and the entire team, led by Rebekah, have been a pleasure to deal with”.
Paul Jezzard

Durgham Shamot

“We were experiencing rapid growth for the past few years and opportunities had led us to stray from our core strengths and we were suffering the effects of being stretched without a plan to support our ambitions. We needed to clarify what we wanted to achieve in the future and create a shared vision we could articulate to the entire organization.

Steven Glicher at Harts Accountancy has been asking us for the last year or so to conduct a strategic plan for the business. Never having been through a strategic planning process, I was unsure and to be honest somewhat sceptical as to the value, but this mindset was quickly changed upon meeting with Harts and discussing how the plan will help our business . They have a well thought out, fully developed process. The strategic plan was truly a defining moment for the future of our company. It led us to make many critical decisions about our business all centered on narrowing our focus to our core strengths and then maximizing our success in these defined areas, it also allowed us to look at the business in a different way where now we have a defined path to achieve our goals.

Harts Accountancy has been instrumental in this process, not just at the discovery, formulation, and implementation stage, but also they will be a vital long-term continuation of our Strategic Planning Process. I would highly recommend Harts Accountancy to any organization planning to grow their business.”

Lee Ashton

“We worked with Steven and the team at Harts to define the strategic plan for our business. We found the session incredibly useful, shining a light on motivations, strengths, and weaknesses, to formulate a real roadmap for the business with fixed objectives that are measurable. By having the strategic plan with a series of KPI’s and dates allocated to various actions it has helped us keep the business on track and give us a much better vision to see if we are still where we need to be.

I would highly recommend this session for anyone who is running their own business, even if you think you already know it all, it’s really insightful and helpful having a well informed but unbiased 3rd party work through the detail with you. The focus on the day to day running of operations often means that we don’t pause to consider where we actually want to be, or how we are even going to get there despite taking up most of our life and enabling us to earn a living.

In this short ebook, I hope to explain the reasons why you need to have a strategy for your business which hopefully will enable you to make more profit and enjoy a better life. Sounds a bit optimistic but here goes…”

Philip McGregor

“OMC is a UKAS accredited laboratory (4243) specialising in Asbestos Management. In the last 13 years, we have just been coasting along trying to grow the business with some small success. However, it is easy to take your foot off the pedal, become complacent and then wonder why you are not achieving your goals in business. When Harts initially contacted OMC, regarding how they could assist on Strategy Planning for our business, we were not sure what to expect. During our face to face meeting with Mr. Steven Glicher of Harts, we were very quickly taken out of our comfort zone, challenged but very quickly given a re-focus on the important business issues, decisions, and challenges as Shareholders we would need to consider and implement.

Following our meeting with Harts, we received a copy of our Strategy Plan moving forward giving a clear focus on the key actions and decisions we would need to take and maintain the momentum.

I believe, late only gets later and from the re-focus, Harts gave OMC in reviewing our business aspirations, we have already made changes. I look forward to implementing all the changes we need to become the company we always aspired to be and wish to thank Steven for his consultancy and support.”

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