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Registered Office & Company Secretarial Services

We have extensive expertise in company incorporation, compliance and administration, and can provide a valuable company secretarial service to companies of all sizes. We can help you to comply with your statutory obligations under the Companies Act and ensure you avoid any penalties for late filing of annual returns, accounts and other documents


The registered office is recorded as the legal address for your business. It is not necessarily the same address as the company’s actual trading address, but many businesses keep a separate registered address in addition to their physical location.

The legal address is the one that is always used by Companies House (the UK registrar) and HM Revenue and Customs (the UK tax authority). Company directors may now use the registered office address instead of their home address as the contact on the Companies House register.

A company registered in England or Wales can move the address to any location in either country. Companies incorporated in Scotland or Northern Ireland, under a different jurisdiction, need to maintain an address in the respective country.

Harts Limited can provide a registered offices service. We can easily change your registered office address by submitting a form either online or by post with Companies House.

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