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Corporate Crime

Fraud is an ever-present danger for any limited company. Has an accountant ever reviewed your company’s financial controls and protect you against Corporate Crime? Twenty years ago, limited companies with a turnover exceeding £350,000 were required to have a statutory audit. This figure has risen over time, with the most recent increase taking it to £10.2m.  As a result, for long established small businesses, the annual visit from the auditors is now something of a distant memory. Equally for most more recently established businesses, the statutory audit is not something they have ever considered. Companies below the audit exemption  threshold The drop in accountancy fees and the reduction in the amount of time spent preparing documents for accountants has undoubtedly been appreciated by most limited companies which have been exempted, and for many companies the exemption is wholly appropriate. However with a statutory audit no longer required,...

January Monthly Bulletin

Welcome to the first monthly bulletin of 2018, in this issue we look at (click on titles for links):

November Bulletin

In our monthly bulletin we summarise the latest Tax and Business advice and changes to keep you informed.  Click on the headings for further information and if you would like to discuss any of the points raised, call us on 01625 669669.
  • Interest rates rise - The Bank of England has raised interest rates from 0.25% to 0.5%, the first rate rise in ten years.
  • Autumn Budget wishlist - With the Chancellor's first Autumn Budget due to be presented on 22 November, professional bodies and business groups are setting out their Budget wishlists.
  • Simple Assessment - HMRC have changed the way in which they will assess some taxpayers removing the need for these individuals to complete a Self Assessment Tax Return.

Latest Business and Tax Newswire

The Harts monthly newswire has been designed to keep you informed of the latest business and tax issues. Click on titles to read the full article(s) and if you have any questions on any of the points raised, contact us to discuss.

Monthly News

Welcome to our monthly newswire designed to keep you informed of the latest business and tax issues - click on title to read full articles Please contact us if you have any questions. Remember, we're here to help.